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Free | Simple Shift Dress Pattern
August 12, 2020 Linda Spillmann

Simple Shift Dress Pattern

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Free Sewing Pattern

This simple shift dress pattern was created in 2017 to raise money and awareness for Dressember.  Women wear dresses for the month of December and people sponsor them.  The money raised goes to fight human trafficking.  Since the garment industry is such a huge contributor to the exploitation of women and children, this fits really well.  A person is behind every seam of the clothes we wear, and it’s usually a woman.  Our care in purchasing clothes responsibly is a way to show that we value that person.  It’s bigger than a dress.  Garment workers should not suffer because our market has driven down the price of a tee shirt to the cost of a latte.  Making a piece of clothing shows just how much work goes into it.

Click here to see the pattern.