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Fabricate originated from a love of textiles and all things handmade. It is a place of craft inspiration and education in lovely downtown Boulder, Colorado, and was founded in 2011 by fabric aficionado, Linda Spillmann. At Fabricate we aim to inspire people to learn to sew, quilt, embroider, felt, mend, upholster, up-cycle, in a word: create. We set ourselves apart with our offering of carefully sourced designer knit, quilt-weight, and home décor fabrics. We also supply unique sewing patterns, books, and notions, as well as embroidery, felting and hand-sewing kits, yarn and knitting notions, which are all chosen with the purpose of inspiring people to create.

Our cozy, light-filled studio on the east end of the Pearl Street Mall, has an assortment of craft tools for use, including sewing machines, sergers, cutting mats, rotary cutters, irons, threads, books, and more. Our talented and experienced team of instructors offer a wide range of adult classes, as well as private and semi-private sewing lessons, and kids classes and camps.

We invite you to visit us and ask our friendly staff any questions you may have, or for any assistance you may need. We hope our offering of beautiful fabric, craft supplies and kits, and hand-made items from local artists, kindles your curiosity and motivation. We love “show-and-tell” and chatting with other crafty-minded souls and we are thrilled to play a part in the growing do-it-yourself movement.

Private & Semi-Private Sewing Lessons

We offer private lessons in quilting, sewing, pattern and garment alteration, felting, embroidery, and more. We can help design, trouble shoot, and create within the context of your project’s specific needs. Private lessons are $45 per hour, and semi-private lessons for two people are $30/hr per person and $20/hr per person for three or more persons. To set up a private lesson, please email or call 303.997.8245

Private Parties & Events

Fabricate’s large studio is a perfect venue for any kind of party or crafty gathering. We love to host children and adult birthday parties, baby showers, holiday parties, team building work parties, mom’s night out gatherings, Trunk Shows and more. For craft party ideas, prices, and more information, please email us at or call 303.997.8245

Custom Services

We complete custom projects, large and small, including items such as curtains, pillows, napkins, light upholstery, and garment mending and repair at a rate of $45/hour.

Our Instructors

Ann Sather

Ann Sather

As a child Ann would sew herself into clothes before she learned how to install a zipper. In Junior High and High School she took every sewing class available. Ann went on to graduate from Colorado State University and the Paris Fashion Institute with degrees in Fashion Design.Ann’s sewing adventures also took her to New York City to make costumes for a dance entourage.

Ann has owned two clothing businesses: a children’s clothing wear company and a yoga clothing company. She has worked in every aspect of the clothing industry including design, pattern making, and sewing prototypes and sample lines. She loves being able to share her passion for and knowledge of sewing with others.

Sinead Blanchette

When she was little, Sinead couldn’t walk past clothes without reaching out to see how the fabric felt. As she got older, that interest only grew and she began to sketch outfits and figure out ways to make them. She learned to sew on a machine in middle school and through trial and error began to make clothes, and convinced her sisters to put on runway shows in their backyard.

Sinead went on to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she discovered her love for childrenswear, and decided that was what was truly calling to her. She is currently in her final year, pursuing a degree in Fashion Design, with a minor in Business Management & Entrepreneurship. She is an instructor for our children’s classes and camps, and loves seeing how passionate and creative the kids can be!

Annlee Landman

Annlee Landman

As a child Annlee loved making her own clothes and making costumes for her teddy bears. While visiting the Shelburne Museum as a teen she discovered traditional patchwork and quilting, and her real fascination with geometric design and fabric began. In 1983, she moved to London and lived across the street from another museum, The Victoria & Albert, where she discovered her love for antique textiles and decorative arts.

Her children were born into handmade baby quilts and hooded towels replete with European toile, homespun plaids and quilting fabrics. Annlee eventually became the curator of Museum Quilts Gallery, one of the largest private collections of antique American Quilts outside of the U.S. and she published a book titled, “Learning to Quilt the Traditional Way” in 1994. She has taught quilting since she moved to Boulder ten years ago and has recently discovered the pleasure of working with contemporary fabrics.

Claire Waugh

Claire learned to sew at a very young age from her grandmother and loves making tote bags, pillowcases, shorts, and hot mitts to give as gifts.

Claire is a master embroiderer and is enjoying learning the art of quilting.  She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado a master’s degree from Parsons School of Design.  She is a proud Boulder native, is a Sweet Cow fan and loves teaching at Fabricate!

Stephanie Sterling

Stephanie Sterling

Stephanie has been sewing for as long as she can remember. She started sewing clothes for her dolls by hand and never looked back. Her mother designed women’s clothing and Stephanie enjoyed going to work with her and pilfering from her fabric, buttons, and trim collections.

Stephanie now primarily sews for her three adorable daughters. She has learned to embrace the joys of sewing with little time and is having a wonderful time sharing what she has learned with others. You can find her patterns in all three volumes of the “One Yard Wonders” books. She enjoys quilting and participating in the online sewing community. You can follow her on Instagram.

Lynne Troup & Michele Obermeier

Lynne Troup & Michele Obermeier

Between the two of them, Lynne and Michele bring over 30 years of quilt-making experience to their teaching. Coincidentally, both began the quilt-making journey during their years as expats, Lynne in London, England, Michele in Sydney, Australia. Grounded in traditional methods, they have evolved into contemporary quilt enthusiasts, with a passion for fabric, color, design and the endless possibilities of the creative process of modern quilting.

Their training has been at the hands of some of the most prominent names in the quilting world through countless classes and workshops. They cherish the camaraderie of those who love to engage with beautiful fabrics and intriguing designs and love to share their commitment to discovery and learning.

Alex Niehaus

Alex Niehaus

Alex has been sewing since she was eleven, but her love for the craft truly took hold in college when she made her first pattern in a costume design class. She loves the design component of sewing and the idea of making something from beginning to end. Alex graduated from The University of Tulsa in 2008 with a BA in fine arts (painting and ceramics) and a minor in art history.

Alex loves to sew for her two children and her favorite things to make are useful things such as tote bags, pillows, clothes, scarves, quilts, and hats. She appreciates the usefulness of these things and that they bring warmth, beauty, and color to people’s lives. Alex teaches felting and instructs in our children’s classes.

Sarah Wilson

Sarah learned to sew pajama bottoms when she was 7 years old in her mother’s Girl Scout troop. Throughout elementary and middle school she did many different crafts from beading daisy bracelets to knitting scarves, but it wasn’t until high school that she really dove into sewing. Sarah learned to sew all of her dresses for high school dances with the help of her mom. She learned to install zippers, and to read and tailor patterns as her techniques developed throughout high school.

After high school, Sarah slowed down on her dress production and started making bags, among other crafts, to sell at a local craft fair near her hometown in Alaska. She was bit by the entrepreneurial bug and has been selling her bags and pouches at craft fairs for 6 years. She loves creating her own clothes and other functional items. Sarah moved to Boulder in 2015 and has been teaching classes at Fabricate ever since. Look for Sarah at one of her apparel or bag classes at Fabricate or at a craft fair near you at her “wren handcrafts” booth!